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Mission Generator (Altis)?

Playerbase generated code. (Paste in debug console first)
Mission generated code. (Paste in debug console second)

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The Zeus Mission Idea Generator was created to give ArmA 3 zeus's some ideas to base their operations off of. At a time where zeus players can no longer load up their missions quickly due to the removal of the Debug Console from public servers, curators now need quick missions to create on the dime. Hopefully these ideas can lead you to create your own crazy stories for players to be immersed in.

HELP: Mission Generator

The mission generator creates player bases and objectives based on specifications that can be loaded into any Altis Zeus. Here's how you use it:

  1. Choose preferred settings for all fields. Playerbase is the location of the friendly NATO base. You can also choose to have aircraft (planes and heli's) and/or foot patrols who walk around the base. You can also name the playerbase here (defaults to 'HQ').
  2. Select number of objectives. You can choose how many objectives you want to spawn for players. They will be created randomly and will be marked on the map. Objective ideas come from the Idea Generator.
  3. Click generate and copy the code. The top text field represents the playerbase generator script, and the bottom field represents objective scripts. Copy and paste the two codes separately into debug console (or 'Execute code module' in Ares/Achillies) and make sure the script executes server-side.
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